Sometimes you have to out sane the insane

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Latest art project - making 5 minute portraits out of snapchats from strangers.

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Best Friends

My best friend is the best person ever. This is the text she just sent me:

Because I’m your best friend ariel you’re holding grudges that stop you from living your life you have so much Hate from your past stopping doing the things that you wanna do .. your tryna figure yourself I mean it’s too the point where I can look at you and tell.. everytime we argue you put your music in and walk away… you cut yourself. You thought about things you shouldn’t have… you over analyze things.. HARD. You look at girls and wish you could be them .. you look at yourself and think your ugly when in reality you don’t see that you don’t need the make up. Ariel I’m your best friend!!!! I have to be careful what I say to you because the slightest thing I know will hurt you. If you don’t show it I know you feel it.. I can read you like the back of my hand.. you might not tell me everything and I don’t expect you too but through that all I will love you cause if I don’t who will. Of course your family loves you but you can’t run to them and tell them the things you’ve Done.. You don’t know why I would love you? Girl you gotta be crazy if you thought I’d stop.